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Issue 18: Technology Takes Center Stage

Issue 18: Technology Takes Center Stage

This issue of Indie Author Magazine Podcast is all about the money. Amid an uncertain economic climate, we hear from financial experts about the steps authors can take to better manage their cash flow, so you can feel more secure about your finances today and still prepare for growth tomorrow.

Hear three key articles:

✓ LLCs Made Simple: What You Need to Know about Starting Your Own Company

✓ Checks and Balances: When the Royalties Roll in, Here's How Indie Authors Can Budget for the Future

✓ 5 Tips for Money Goals that Just Make Cents

You’ll Also Take a Behind-the-Curtains Peek at Indie Author Magazine’s inaugural Author Tech Summit, Including How to View Sessions You Might’ve Missed and Updates about Future Summits and Special Events.


  • Our Sassy, Advice-Giving Aunt, ★ Indie Annie Gives Advice on Balancing Your Book Career with Other Demands

  • What to Consider Before Publishing Your Poetry Collection

  • Achieve the Work-Life Balancing Act a Little Bit at a Time

  • Ten Tips: Draft2Digital

  • Martelle's Motivation: Consider How You’re Spending Your Most Valuable Currency

  • Food for Thought: Add Flavor to Your Fiction with These Techniques for Writing about Food

  • The Silent Struggle: The Author’s Self-Care Guide for a Healthier Mind

  • Why We Need Disabled Stories (And How to Write Them)

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