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Indie Author Magazine Issue 11: Featuring Steve Higgs (Full Issue)

Indie Author Magazine Issue 11: Featuring Steve Higgs (Full Issue)

Translating your work into other languages can make you more money. Of course, your next question is, “How? What’s the very first thing I should do? I don’t know the first thing about translations!”

This issue of Indie Author Magazine answers those questions, and many more.

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn how to translate your work into other languages, maximizing your earnings and long-term success.★

Read three key articles:

✓ Is Your Book Multilingual? Considerations for the Translations Question.

✓ There is no “I” in Translate: What’s it Take to Find Your Dream Translation Team?

✓ Marketing Translations.

You’ll also meet Steve Higgs, a man of contradictions. Tough ex-army man and 7-figure author of over sixty cozy mysteries in three years, featuring bored housewives and crime-solving police dogs.


  • Our sassy advice-giving aunt, ★ Indie Annie ★ gives advice to an author whose family believes she’s wasting her time

  • Ghostwriters: Is Haunting for Hire in your Future?

  • 10 Tips for Bookbub: Demystifying the elusive featured deal — and so much more.

  • Military Science Fiction: Interplanetary conflict meets speculative technologies.

  • Is translation software available to authors that rivals native speaker translations? DEEPL might be the answer.

  • We share resources for finding translators and tools to research and understand legal issues and rights.

  • Amazon AWS: How indie authors can tap into cost-effective services of the global computing network.

  • Do I call 911 or 999? When and how to incorporate Emergency Medical Services correctly in your manuscript.

  • Writer Health and Wellness: Choosing the right chair, practicing gratitude, and how to avoid “comparisonitis”.

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